Playing with the clock

I have been playing (LoL) around with my sleep schedule a lot.

Despite efforts, I’ve had consistently failed to get back to a nocurnal sleep schedule. During those experiments, I noticed a few interesting facts about sleep. At least, that’s how it works for my specific organism.

If I go to bed after from 3am – 8am it seems I can sleep ad infinitum and I never really feel rested. That sleep is also filled with dreams.¬†Sometimes though, those dreams were the best entertainment I could imagine. If I’m to wake up and play LoL, I’d rather just enjoy my dreamy sleep.

On occasion, if I had an appointment (one that I didn’t ignore) in the morning, I’d still go to bed late and spend a crappy day. On those day, I’d go to bed early: 8pm-9pm. I would then wakeup at 12pm completely unable to go back to sleep, and with a decent energy level.

My brother says sleep before 12pm counts double, he’s no phycisian but he may have a point.

As I was doing research on sleep patterns yesterday, I discovered that two desperate tactics I have intuitively tried (and it failed) to use to turn the clock around had names.

One way I tried is called “sleep phase chronotherapy”, the idea is to go to bed 3 hours later each day until the desired schedule is achieved.

The second, was to skip a night of sleep to be able to go to bed earlier on the next day and it is called “controlled sleep deprivation with phase advance”.

Now that I’m not compulsively playing LoL untikl morning, I’m trying once again to get back to nocturnal sleep, with some more hope for success. According to wikipedia, a healthy human can shift their sleep schedule by one hour each day. Since I was going to bed at around 7am, it should take a week to get back to 12pm.

Actually for the last two days, I’ve been going to bed at a bit before 12pm. I do fall asleep easily but wake up at 4am. I still feel more energetic than when sleeping 12-14 hours.

Hopefully a couple days and I’ll be there.

“On wings of night” – Vayne


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