Over time, intense gaming has destroyed my sleep routine:

Gaming  unitl 7 am,
sleeping until 4pm,
then thinking that it’s too late to start anything so I’d better just start gaming again,

Going to class has become a challenge. I started university with an A average, started playing LoL, dropped to B, now it’s probably abyssimal since I failed the same two courses twice.

I’ve been in better shape too. With messed up sleeping patterns come strange eating habits as well. I’ve been living on apples, carrots and bread, with 3-4 restaurants a weak.

The weirdest thing is that all this is unknown of my friends and close ones. I’ve learned to project a good vibe no matter what, living a double life.

Yet I remember, some years ago, when I took pride in having the most balanced life, and couldn’t get any attention from girls. Now that my life is a mess, I have absolutely no problem with women. Maybe once you have nothing to brag about you shut up, stop judging and simply enjoy the moment.

As Shaco says ”Why so serious?”


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