Welcome summoners

How is this time going to be different from the 10 times I have tried to stop playing this evil game?

Is it going to work better than the time I unistalled windows from my computer, thinkin running ubuntu would prevent me from playing again?

What about the time where I tried to stop playing for a month to see how’d that go?

It’s 6am, I just played another worthless night of elo grinding. Next game’s gonna be better.  . . you know the riff. I did win those two last game. I somewhat wish I lost in an absolutely demoralising defeat so I wouldn’t be tempted to play again.

I started in season two and played 1000 ranked games in two seasons, so much time invested, yet so little return. Add to that normal games, that’s about 1000 hours of LoL. It makes me 1/10 of an expert according to Malcom Gladwell’s hypothesis.

But there is something different with gaming. If you have ever trained for a sport, an instrument or any dicipline, there is a clear difference between playing and training. Training requires effort, playing LoL requires no effort at all.

I have played LoL for entire nights until I would finally collapse to sleep, it requires 0 effort.

As mf says “No pain, no gain.”


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